Blessed is the Compassionate One






Blessed is the Compassionate One,

Who in His loving kindness hath

supplied our life in prophecy.

With the eye of The Spirit Isaiah saw the

For Wondrous Child of the Virgin.

Mary without union bore Emmanuel, the Son of God.

From her the Holy Spirit Fashioned.

His body which was United, as it is

written. That it might be an adorable

Habitation and temple. For the Brightness

of the Father in one Sonship. And at the

beginning of His Marvellous conception.

United Him with Himself in one Honour.

That He might fulfil in Him all things that

His. For the salvation of the World, as

seemed good to Him. In the day of His

Nativity the watchful Ones glorified Him.

With their Hallelujahs in the heights above

And also the earthly ones offered Him

worship. With their offerings in one honour.

One is Christ the Son of God Worshipped

by all in two Natures. In His Godhead

begotten of The Father. Without

beginning before all Time. In His manhood

born of Mary, in the fullness of time,

in a united body. Neither His Godhead

was of the Nature of mother,

nor His manhood of the Nature

of the Father. The Nature are preserved in

Their Qnume, in one person of One

Sonship. And as the Godhead is: Three

one essence. Qnome,

Likewise the Sonship of the Son.

Is in two natures one person.

So the Holy Church hath Learnt.

To confess the Son Who is Christ.

We worship Oh my Lord, thy Godhead

And thy manhood without division (3).

. One is the power, one the majesty

One the will, and one the Gory.

Father, Son , and Holy Spirit. For ever.

Amen and Amen.

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             Ísterns Gamla Kyrka